About Us

About Melior Motus™

Melior Motus™ was founded in 2020 by Dr. Stephen Beed, an intensive care physician and educator who has experienced first-hand the patient handling challenges faced by healthcare teams.

These challenges were accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, creating an urgent need for innovative solutions to strengthen patient and nurse safety.

With an engineering colleague, Arad Gharagozli, the original prototype was brought to the bedside and the nurses loved it.

Multiple refinements have since led to the current version of the PronatorPlus™ which was trialed successful with healthy volunteers followed with COVID patients in the ICU. 

Read the abstracts:

  • Clinical evaluation of a novel proning device in COVID-19 patients with severe  respiratory failure 
  • Experiences of providers and simulated patients with using a novel proning and  repositioning device 

Melior Motus’™ focus is to prevent injury of healthcare professionals as they provide care to patients. The number one cause of work-related injury for nurses is the result of the need to move patients. a desire to help healthcare professionals provide safer patient handling while protecting and increasing staff safety. We aim to deliver solutions that allow healthcare professionals to move patients more easily, quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Melior Motus™ is derived from Latin, meaning “better movement”.

Mission, Vision, & Values

Our vision is:

The PronatorPlus on every bed so nurses never lift again.

Our mission is:

Applying clinical expertise and bedside intelligence to the research, design, manufacture and sale of devices that transform care for patients and caregivers.

Our core values are:

• Authentic and transparent team and partner relationships while exploring creative, efficient solutions to complex clinical problems.
• Commitment to safety, effectiveness, and quality of product
• Dedication to safe patient handling

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