Prone Ventilation


  • Prone ventilation for severe respiratory failure (P/F<150) reduces mortality by 50% (Guérin 2013 NEJM).
  • ARDS accounts for 10.4% of ICU admissions and 23.4% of patients requiring mechanical ventilations (Bellani 2016)
  • Manual proning requires a five-to-seven-person team
  • Frequent head checks (q2-3h) require three people 
  • More than 50% of nursing injuries are related to moving patients (Olinski 2017)



  • Utilizes a snug wrap and a standard lift
  • Proning only requires a team of three
  • Head checks only require two people
  • Wrap remains under patient for duration of their ICU stay
  • Laundered between uses (reusable for 15 patient cycles)
  • Also facilitates general care (boost, rotation, lateral transfer)
  • Compatible with both ceiling and portable lifts
  • Supports up to 180kg / 400lb



  • Making prone ventilation easier means more frequent utilization (better patient outcome, lower mortality, decreased LOS) 
  • Provides healthcare team with control during patient care
  • Less risk of injury to nurses (less sick time, fewer WCB claims)
  • Investing in equipment for safe patient handling (prioritizing needs of frontline staff, retention and recruitment)
  • Much more efficient use of a limited resource (fewer people required, quicker)


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